Section Overviews

Section 2

Understand the potent allergen urushiol causing the rash. Who’s allergic and how that changes. How to clean it off your skin.

Section 3

Understanding skin for rash mastery. How immune overreaction causes rash. Transcend the itch. Be a PI ninja. When to see a doctor.

Section 4

How to practice safe scratch. Treat the rash by its stages and succeed. The Cs of itch relief: cool, calm, constrict.

Section 5

Rash remedies: holistic and conventional products for calming the rash, cooling itch, constricting blisters. Analgesics for pain relief.

Section 6

Identifying the American Axis of Itching— the four main species — in all places and seasons. Innocent imitators. Poison Sumac: the Swamp Monster.

Section 7

Prevent urushiol skin contact with clothes, creams and better habits. Weird ways we spread urushiol around. How to clean everything.

Section 8

Eradicate the plant by yanking, spraying and mulching it. Timeline for waging battle. Combat gear and nuclear-level protection.

Section 9

Urushiol mummies. Poison ivy tree lacquer. Poison oak art. Pop culture poison ivy. Deadly home remedies. Debunking the myths.

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